Jervis Bay

OTK Parts

OTK is a trademark which identifies a complete line of original kart components and parts, developed and tested on the race track and produced by Tony Kart. It's guaranteed by Tony Kart's high quality and experience.

The OTK range of components and parts is characterised by its unmistakable attention to detail and suitabillity for any type of kart.

OTK provides a wide range, from the axle group to the brake system, from bodyworks to magnesium accessories, leading on to super light and strong carbon fiber parts.

Axles and Carriers
Body Works and Bumpers
Carbon Fiber Components
Chain Guards
Engine Mounts
Exhaust Mounts
Floor Plates
Fuel Tanks
Intake Accessories
Radiator Accessories
Seats and Supports
Steering Accessories
Wheel Hubs