Jervis Bay


We are a new club forming as a division of Shoal Racing and Shoalhaven Karts & Buggies. We  are currently looking for new members to join within the Shoalhaven district. The club will be run by elected board members. We are also looking for Drivers, Fans, Spectators and Sponsors.

We are searching for bright young talent in the local area to be tutored in the art of motorsport, with the aim of producing future champions within the motorsport field.

Our facilities including kart set up, engine servicing & rebuilding, driver training. Your choice of kart brands.

Club apparel, members will receive a 10%discount, of which member will receive 5% and SRSC will receive the other 5%.

Busses & Trucks are available for transportation to race meetings and events.

 Xmas parties, special race meetings, Racing tours & other interesting & fun tours.

Special GOLD Member introductory joining fee of $50.00.

GOLD Members pack includes (sunnies, t shirt, cap, members keyring, etc.)

Silver Membership is free for a limited time.