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Ribtec KEVLAR Rib Protectors

THE P1 MADE WITH KEVLAR® The P1 Ribtec can cope with the most demanding rubber covered tracks, which place exceptional forces on the ribs and body. Ribtec rib protectors have helped many World FA Champions to success – The P1 Ribtec features KEVLAR® armoured panels made with a new moulding technology. The KEVLAR® side and front panels enable a small amount of flexibility whilst giving localised rigidity to spread cornering loads evenly. The P1 weighs on average 0·5 kg and has ultra thin side sections so as not to disrupt the seat fit. It has a tough new type of faux suede exterior, absorbent towelling interior and newly developed foam to deaden impacts and improve comfort. It has a thin back plate with soft foam for better seat feel, and removable chest protection as standard. Available in seven sizes to fit 5 year old children and above. To account for different chest angles it is adjustable at both the front and rear and has shoulder straps for height adjustment. Dealers please note when storing, that KEVLAR® brand fibre will darken in colour when exposed to sunlight for long periods.


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